I am Greg Eng, a talented metalsmith, creating outstanding metalwork in Southern California and abroad for over 30 years. My work has been published in numerous books and magazines, featured on Modern Masters on HGTV, won national awards, and adorns some of the most exclusive estates in the Nation. My hand-forged and fabricated metalwork is used by architects, builders, interior designers, and individuals on fine homes and commercial property.

I explored other art mediums, ceramics, drawing, painting, stained glass, sculpture, and jewelry, before being told “I better think about getting a real career” which led me to enlisting in the US Navy. I did not have a mentor figure to encourage me to pursue art any further at that time. The Navy is where I had my first experience with welding and working in a metal shop. Though I was trained in electronics and served in the submarine fleet, I had a fascination for working with metal and found a way to stay connected with it throughout my enlistment. I believe the military service instilled in me the discipline needed to create and execute the volume of work I have created thus far.

Intrigued by viewing a KPBS-TV special program on blacksmithing, I began searching books for more information while serving at SUBTRAFAC San Diego, which eventually led to volunteering at the Old Town Blacksmith Shop in San Diego. A friend invited me to attend the California Blacksmiths Association spring conference, where I met Artist Blacksmith Richard Schrader whom I worked for shortly after and learned the "high-end" side of metalwork. A year later, Artist blacksmith Rick Ciardella graciously allowed me to use his shop for several months to create my first architectural samples and sculptures. Eventually I worked for Rick on commissioned pieces of architectural metalwork. I am thankful for the opportunity these men had given me to experience their shops and be able to do the work I had a passion for. After leaving Rick's shop, I worked as a fabricator for a company which gave me the experience of a production shop, which moved work through quickly. Almost 3 years later, my wife Brenda and I began our own business, "Greg Eng, Metalsmith" and built our shop in San Diego County, California.

This family-run business receives commissions mainly from San Diego based designers, clients, builders, and estate owners with the purpose to achieve an artistic statement in metal.